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At the core of my service is one simple promise: to sell your home. In order to make that a reality, this is what I will do for you:

When I say “Full Service Real Estate” – I mean it.

A comprehensively researched market analysis of your property, taking into account current trends in the area, the economic climate, buying and selling activity, competitive listings and other pertinent factors to determine a realistic and accurate market value of your property.

A customised marketing plan, detailing step-by-step the marketing protocols and methods which I will follow when marketing your property.

High quality media of your property, which will possibly include a video tour and 360 photos depending on the individual property, as well as an accurate and engaging description.

Effective and frequent advertising using uptodate methods and techniques, ensuring the maximum exposure of your property to the market and potential buyers.

Continued support and feedback throughout the marketing process, and once a sale has been signed, keeping you updated of the progress of both scenarios.

Assistance with the peripheral challenges that come with selling your home through my network of partner companies, such as moving companies, garden services, cleaning services, electricians, builders, plumbers, architects, financial and investment advisors, accountants and attorneys.

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